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Started by former Special Operations Military leaders, Valkyrie's advanced, state-of-the-art command and remote flight control system supports manned and unmanned air, land, and sea surface mission requirements for all military branches as well as domestic federal partners.


Valkyrie’s Guardian and Eagle hold several key advantages over surface-based amphibious vehicles currently in military use:

  • Three modes of operation: aircraft, hovercraft, amphibious

  • Real-time situational awareness enables HQ/command to make critical decisions to the mission

  • Streamlined transport of critically injured on the battlefield without putting flight crewmembers at risk

  • Capacity for vertical takeoff, able to land on water, ice and/or rough terrain

  • Thrust Vector Control allows operation in most adverse weather conditions

  • Stealth Design with advanced sensor suites deliver crucial data that allows risk mitigation as well as threat detection thereby increasing survivability

  • Distributed aperture radar along with hyper spectral sensors detect threats, mines, helps secure terrain and establish a safe and secure foothold 


The Guardian

The Guardian is a full-size, optionally piloted aircraft. The Guardian can lift and deliver a full 6,000 lb of cargo at sea level, or more than 4,000 lb at 15,000 ft density altitude. The Guardian achieves this with autonomous flight capability. 

General characteristics

  • Crew: one (OPV)
  • 24’ x 30’ x 6’ (LWH)
  • Empty weight: 4,200 lb
  • Useful load: 1,800 VTOL lb
  • Max. takeoff weight: 12,000 lb
  • Powerplant: 2 × P&W 545c


  • Maximum speed: 400 Mph
  • Cruise speed: 340 Mph
  • Endurance: 15 hours @ max fuel
  • Service Ceiling: 40,000 AGL

Interchangeable Payload Module

  • 84”W x 127”L x 54”H 
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The Eagle

The Eagle is an unmanned aircraft system that can lift and deliver a full 550 lb of cargo at sea level, or more than 350 lb at 15,000 ft density altitude. The Eagle achieves all of this with autonomous flight capability. 

General characteristics

  • Crew: Unmanned

  • 5’ x 7.5’ x 19.5" (LWH)

  • Empty weight:148 lb

  • Useful load: 120 VTOL lb

  • Max. takeoff weight: 600 lb

  • Powerplant: 2 × TJ-100


  • Maximum speed: 268 Mph

  • Cruise speed: 138 Mph

  • Endurance: 7 hours

  • Service Ceiling: 26,000 AGL

Interchangeable Payload Module

  • 21”W x 30”L x 13.5”H


Fast and safe transport

Valkyrie Systems Aerospace vehicles contain specifically designed, interchangeable interior modules that allow for safe and efficient delivery of both personnel and cargo. 

The Eagle and the Guardian can safely deliver payload modules to their targets, and both can transport sling loads to multiple, beyond line-of-sight drop zones. When finished, each has the ability to return to home base with minimal ground operator oversight.

Specialty uses include medical evacuations, extraction of personnel and equipment, real-time situational awareness and threat detection, re-establishment of downed communications systems, and much more. 

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